Finpo can be the perfect choice for quick-turn pcb making including FR4, Flex, FPC , Aluminum , and Rigid-Flex. Finpo also has online quotation ready for instant quote.

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Welcome to our instant online printed circuit board quote generator. We understand the importance of efficiency, so we can offer you a free, instant quote that the other specialty shops can't match. No registration is required. Just follow the online form and a few clicks; you will receive a proposal immediately! It’s that easy. Regarding the complex board, the multiple/complex designs of boards, or further questions, please drop us an email at Contact Us.

Part Number
Design Revision
(Units: Panel/Piece)
Final Board Size: X
Outer Copper Thickness
Inner Copper Thickness
Min. of Trace Width Min. of Trace Space (Units:Mil)
# of drilled holes
Surface Finish
Solder Mask
CNC ( we use routing instead of punching )
BGA-Pitch < 12 mil
Conductive Resin Plug-in
Gold Finger
Lead Time Day Cost
Region/Country Freight Cost
Total Cost
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If your design contains more than three unique part numbers, please email us for an accurate quote. As for the gold and silver final finishes, online pricing assumes 20% (or less) of your design’s total surface area will be plated in gold or silver. If your design requires more plating additional cost will apply. Please contact us directly in that matter for an accurate quote. Please make sure that your choice of specs matches the gerber file you upload. If two of them do not match, Finpo Electronic has all rights to put a halt on production or cancel the order and have your payment refund with a non-refundable fifty US dollars surcharge fee applied.

As for quantity, please decide if you would like to receive them in panels or pieces. Our MOQ is 5 panels/pieces. It can go up to 100 panels/pieces. Any inquiry with more panels/pieces needed, please email or contact us directly. In addition, if there is no array, then 1 panel is considered as 1 piece.

FR4 (tg-140/FR4 (tg-180):

For 1 layer board, the maximum panel size is within 1000 cm2.

For 2 layer board, the maximum panel size is within 900 cm2.

For 4 layer board, the maximum panel size is within 800 cm2.

For 6 layer board, the maximum panel size is within 300 cm2.


For 1 layer board, the maximum panel size is within 400 cm2.

Please take these numbers ( max. panel size) into your consideration for your final products in panel or pieces. That is to say, you can panelize your board as you wish. However, as for the quantity and size area, please choose them as how you would like them to be when delivered. In other words, if you would like to receive them in panels, then please fill in the panel size and choose quantity as in how many panels not pieces. On the other hand, if you would like to receive them in piece, then you should choose the quantity in pieces not panels even if you have them panelized for the production. Any board size exceeds the range listed above will not be able to calculate in our system. This quotation is based on x-out ( cross-out ) acceptance. If it is X-out not allowed scenario, please email us directly for the accurate quotation.

PCB Size On Gerber Final Board Size Inquiry Quantity Enter Quantity
Example 1: 200x100 mm (Panelization)
(4x2 pcs/panel)
50x50 mm (single piece) 80pcs 80
Example 2: 200x100 mm (Panelization)
(4x2 pcs/panel)
200x100 mm (panel) 80pcs or 8 panels 8

When you wish to order a multi-layer such as more than 8 layers, please email us directly for the accurate quotation. Also, we can do other material as well such as CEM-1 , CEM-3 , MCPCB…etc. Regarding to thickness, please choose the closest thickness to your board if yours cannot be found on the chart. For example, if the thickness is 1.55mm, please choose 1.6mm. If it is 1.30mm then please choose either 1.6mm or 1.0mm.

Please check our capability for the min. of trace width and space. Be aware that the min. of trace width and space is related to the copper thickness. The chart can be found in capability.

When you choose the thickness of copper, it has some limits applied to each scenario. For copper thickness that is 0.5 oz, then there will be an additional charge applies to if the min. of trace width or space is less than 6mil. And, it can only go as low as 4mil.

When copper thickness is 1.0oz, there will be an additional charge applies to if the min. of trace width is less than 11mil, or the min. of trace space is less than 9mil. And, the limit is at 8mil for Trace Width and 6mil for Trace Space.

When copper thickness is 2.0oz, there will be an additional charge applies to if the min. of trace width or space is less than 14mil. And, it only go as low as 12 mil for both.

Be aware that the board thickness relates to the drilled hole size. Please have yourself checked our capacity first before you choose the thickness.

Min. of Hole Size(mm)

Any surface finish that is not listed on the quotation page but on our capability, please email us directly for the quick accurate quotation.

BGA-Pitch testing is free when BGA-pitch is > 12mil, but it costs extra money when it is <12.

All lead-time can be shortened, however each day less meaning extra charge is needed.If the quantity is 20 panels (all materials), the lead time will need one day extra.

Be aware that for immersion gold, it is referring to 1u inch gold. If you need thicker gold, then please contact us directly or write it down on the additional request box before you pay.

Finpo will use its own account to ship the freight.( TNT, UPS, FedEx, DHL )

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