Finpo can be the perfect choice for quick-turn pcb making including FR4, Flex, FPC , Aluminum , and Rigid-Flex. Finpo also has online quotation ready for instant quote.

A Quick-Turn Manufacturer of Circuit Boards, all Made in Taiwan!

In today's fast-moving prototype PCB world, you may only have one chance to get your quick turn PCB project right. That's why offers online quotes, pilot runs with faster lead times and pre-bundled popular printed circuit board configurations so that you can get exactly what you need, order it at the price you want and have it done at twice the speed of business. We guarantee that the speed, materials and construction of your printed circuit board will exceed your expectations and get your prototype off the ground faster than ever!

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  • Calculate your quotation yourself
  • Fast lead time
  • No need registration before purchasing.
  • No hidden cost
  • Instant quotation
  • ISO 9001 : 2008 and UL certified PCBs

Quick-Turn Prototype & Pilot Pre-production:

  • 1 to 62 layer count capability( 4+ HDI boards )
  • 3 shifts production 24 hours a day

Competitive Price & On-Time Delivery:

  • Lead-time is always our first priority
  • The harder the boards are, the more competitive pricing we provide.


  • Up to 62 layers
  • 4+N+4
  • Rigid, Flex, Rigid-Flex, Aluminum...
  • Min trace width/gap 2mil/2mil
  • Blind/ Buried via
  • 5% tolerance on impedance control
  • 1:33 aspect ratio
  • Class II & Class III
  • LF HASL, Immersion tin/gold/silver, OSP, Gold plating...
  • 100% tested with our in-depth experience

Lead Time

  • 2-4 sided, normal lead-time 3-5 days, fastest 2 days with express fee applied
  • 6 layer, normal lead-time 7 days, fastest 5 days with express fee applied
  • 20 layer, normal lead-time 15 days, fastest 5~8 days with express fee applied.

(Regarding the complex board design, the lead-time depends. Please contact us for details.)

9001 : 2008 UL registered

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We understand the urgent prototype PCB is the key to the successful launch of your ideas. With PCB manufacture professionals to turn your concept into reality PCB, we can help. We offer the best support; just simply drop us a message, we will reply within 24 hours.

What is Finpo ?

Finpo, a quick-responsive printed circuit boards (PCBs) manufacturer since 1977. We are your last piece of puzzle to turn your ideas into the reality. We are proud of keeping innovation in PCB industry with the background of nearly 40 years of experience and professional technologies are supported by many well-educated engineering force. The company founder has studied PCB technology for more than 50 years since the beginning before the PCB industry was developed.

Our capability covers wide range of PCB from rigid, flex, rigid-flex, MCPCB, and HDI boards; from prototype to mid-volume production. Our boards are manufactured with no tooling, or electrical testing costs, the price are inclusive.

The materials are ROHS compliant with IPC specifications, and we constantly open up for discussing inspiring projects, shine each other’s commitment and share experiences. We sincerely welcome all of you to join us for future success.


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